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Well Read

I adore my friends, and would have had twenty bridesmaids if I could have fit them all at the front of the yacht. So, I totally understand the semi-agony of choosing bridesmaids and filling all your “roles” for the wedding party. At the end of the day, I actually really lucked out in this regard because two of my very close girlfriends (who I’m just as close with as the girls who were bridesmaids) are also extremely well-spoken. Making them readers was completely the perfect choice, and their part in our ceremony was absolutely priceless. I also think they probably...


A Simple Ceremony

Our ceremony was probably about 15 minutes in total, which we loved. I’ve been to beautiful weddings, especially in churches, where the ceremony was an hour long. It really is more your personal preference, religious beliefs, and how your family feels about the whole thing. We really wanted something simple, short, and sweet. There were two things on my mind during the ceremony: This is happening.  If I let go of my very, very soon-to-be husband’s hand at any point during this ceremony, I will absolutely pass out right here in front of all our friends and family.  I wasn’t nervous,...


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A lot of married friends told me that the moment that would stand out the most during the wedding day was the first few minutes after we came back down the aisle as husband and wife. It really is such a surreal memory, and we’re lucky to have it on video otherwise I might not really remember it. Our ceremony “exit song” was one of the last song choices I made… mostly because I forgot about needing to pick a song for that moment. I’ve been to weddings where the exit song is super serious, which is cool if you’re...


Creative Menus

I’ll talk about our experience when tasting potential wedding food later, but that actually has little to do with our wedding menu offerings because we didn’t actually taste the food we ended up choosing! Basically, we did our tasting wayyy too early (over a year before the wedding) because we were so excited, but ended up changing our minds as the wedding planning evolved. I’m really glad with what we ended up serving at the wedding, though. I had spent a good six months underselling the food to our would-be guests. We weren’t really in love with what we had...



Choosing the “perfect” favors become sort of unexpectedly important to me. We were reminded so often about people having to travel for the wedding that I really did want to find something unique and symbolic as a gift and thank you. We looked at options like nautical bottle openers or wine keys, seeds that could be planted, and picture frames. Nothing really struck me as the perfect fit, though, until I found the WeddingFavorsandMore Etsy Shop. It was about a week after I had bought our centerpieces, which had this great nautical rope detailing, so when I saw these… …it...

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Flash Forward: First Quarter

Today marks three months since our wedding day! I can’t believe how quickly the months have been flying by. People keep asking me two questions: How are you guys doooooing? (Said is a cautious, disturbing tone.) This one always makes me laugh. As though after exchanging vows we would suddenly morph from a happy couple into this horrible concept of “marriage” that so many people seem to have ingrained in them. It always kind of baffles me. What’s different about being married, has anything changed? This is a much more normal question, and one that I think about the answer to quite...

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Secret Garden Engagement Photo Style Inspiration

Secret Garden Engagement Photo Inspiration by bridebackwards  I love the idea of having a little picnic or tea party as a setup for your engagement photos, especially in a beautiful garden setting! There are so many fun opportunities for props in this area… you could even go full-on Alice in Wonderland! Check out these fun styles with lots of floral details! Finespun Florals Dress Garden Home Tour Dress Standing Bloom Only Romper Garden Path to Success Flat Wedge heel sandals Power of Flowers Sandals Nice Things brown cross body purse Darling party purse


Table Names with Style

If you asked me what my favorite piece of wedding decor was, it would be between one of two things. One of those things was our table names, which I was just so thrilled with. The magic of Pinterest introduced me to the Etsy shop Wedding Monograms, where I saw these beach/nautical-themed paper place cards. Those are really nice, and the designs are amazing… but when I saw the laser-engraved acrylic version of the same designs I fell in love with them. (The price difference between the paper and the acrylic has gone up slightly since we purchased ours, but...


The Point of All This

I finally got around to editing all of the beautiful video footage we got from our wedding day, and last night we watched the full version of our wedding together. (I’ve embedded it below but it is 45-minutes long, so, you know… there’s a three-minute version on the sidebar of the website that you’ll probably enjoy more!) I did want to say that watching the whole thing made me think about the bigger picture of this whole wedding experience. When I was little, I never dreamed about my wedding day. In fact, from about the age of 6 on, I was pretty...


Centerpieces: How to Save a Boatload

I spent a ton of time choosing the pieces that would decorate our tables, so I’m going to do individual posts for each major piece. The centerpieces were the biggest decorative project in my mind, but actually choosing them happened very organically. I had been checking out our local TJ Maxx every time I went to the mall, because they always seem to have interesting pieces. I’ve mentioned before that they also seem to always have lots of beach-themed items, but that could be because we live near the beach and your local store may have different offerings! Unfortunately, I...